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Perineum Popovers

These sweet 'n savory snacks spruce up any holiday table!

11oz Grade C (or worse) Cow Perineums
12oz Salted Butter
1 Pound Box Graham Crackers, cut into pieces (discard all plastic; include cardboard box for texture)

Cooking Instructions
-Combine ingredients in mixing bowl.
-Deep Fry.
-Garnish with Bacon and Bacon Grease
-serves 4 - 6 hungry hunters!

Ball Loaf

A mainstay of any God-fearing American home. Makes great leftovers.

32-count bag frozen ground bull testicles
1 small bag each, crushed: corn chips, potato chips, and ridged potato chips
16 individually wrapped slices of American cheese
Tobacco from 1 light or mild cigarette (for smokiness)
4 cups oil (for a healthy alternative, substitute margarine and tap water)
4 tablespoons rock salt.

Cooking Instructions
-Preheat oven to 450 degrees
-Knead ingredients together by hand.
-Pour into loaf pan.
-Bake for 1 hour, or until black on top.

Serving Suggestion
Cut into slices. Decorate with alternating stripes of ketchup and mayo, with a cube of blue jell-o in the corner. And you have American flags for a 4th of July favorite!

Where the meat came from!

(a "before" pic)

US cititens no longer
have to pay for permits to import animal insulins,
but are still required get
the import permits.
Visit the city of Ballsville's website!

Local rare breed pedigree beef
Learn how to make a Ball Loaf!

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